Patrones Magazine Impressions


so as promised my impressions of the sewing mags I found in Munich. 😉 I am starting with the one (or 2) I liked best, just because the type of patterns fit my personal style best. I see myself sewing some things out of them in the  future.

Patrones is a spanish sewing magazine, or more a pattern magazine, because it really only consists of pictures of the garments, patterns and instructions. I picked the normal summer issue on random, and it is from last year (if you buy magazines in another country they arent always the newest issues, so I am perfectly fine with that) the extra issue I bought because it was about more business-like clothing. But in a fun and feminine way.

I really do like that simple structure of an only pattern magazine, but I guess it wouldnt be the best magazine for beginners for that reason, even though they have an “easy” edition, so I dont know if I would recommend that for beginners. The summer issue contains 40 patterns, some of them in bigger sizes, some labeled “easy”. The extra issue contains 60 patterns. What I noticed are the sizing charts, spanish woman seem to have a smaller waist, but I will tell you more about that soon, because it looked different in every magazine I bought, so I will spend more time with that and write soon just about the different sizes;)

The extra issue costs in Spain 4.50€ (I think I got it for 10 or 11€, but I think for 60 patterns that is still a fair prize), the normal one 3.95€ (it did cost me about 9€). So if you worked with patterns before, and you like the outfits in the magazine you find, this is definitely worth its money. I will keep you informed how the patterns will work for my body 😉 I cant say anything about the instructions, because even though I know some spanish, it wont be enough for that, and I dont even read instructions in german magazines ;).

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy 


  1. That sounds like a great pattern magazine. I will be interested in how the fitting goes. Alas I always have to enlarge somewhere!

    • I didnt try any pattern yet, but what I really liked was, looking at the size chart that they expect a bigger bust and hip size with the same waist size as in german sizes, I often have to work on bust and hips, or make the waist smaller when bust and hip measurements fit.

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