TailorFairy History: Magazine Impressions


The most-read post of 2013 was a magazine impression. That was a blogging series where I wrote about my personal opinions and thoughts about sewing magazines I found and bought in various places. 

The most-read post from this series was my thoughts about the Patrones magazine, a Spanish pattern magazine:


Back then, I was always going into newspaper stands and magazine shops looking for sewing mags I did not know yet. I still do. But I hardly buy any nowadays…

One of the reasons will probably be I noticed that everything is recurring again and again. It got a little boring. And I make my own patterns mostly nowadays. 😉

I never sewed anything from the Patrones magazines yet, but I bought some more editions a few years later. 😉

Funnily enough, another magazine impression also was one of my most-read posts of 2013: La Mia Boutique, an Italian magazine:


So what do you think? Did you read the magazine posts back in 2013? Did you miss them later? Do you buy sewing magazines? Which ones?

keep sewing and smiling

your Fairy

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