La mia Boutique magazine impressions


the next sewing magazine I want to talk about is an italian one called la mia boutique. They do have a nice range of different things that are definitely worth checking out. I got a pretty recent one, it is from march 2013.

It is mostly a pattern magazine, but they have some pages, with news, styling new, children’s shop, craft room ideas, beauty, stores and cooking, or at least thats my guesses, since I dont know any italian, besides that what is similar to spanish or latin. 😉

For standard woman sizes they have 30 patterns in 4 different collections. Then there is one children’s collection with 2 complete outfits based on monster high puppets. I dont know that puppets, are they famous with kids at the moment? And 4 patterns in a plus size collection.

In Italy the mag sells for 4,90€, since I am in Germany I had to pay 12.30€. I think for the total amount of 40 patterns its not to expensive, but as with all magazine, spy inside before, so you wont spend any money and in the end you will not use any of the patterns.

keep sewing  and smiling

your TailorFairy

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