grocery shopping outfit


so guess what? My back-muscles are sore. 😉 I actually like the feeling, and the biggest soreness is in between my shoulder blades, as far as I know thats the muscles pulling the shoulders back, which means I am heading in the right direction. Dont you think?

DSCF4203So as I said in some earlier post, I am having a free weekend, meaning I spend it sewing 😉 what else would I do? So I dont know about you, but I run around in pretty weird clothing when staying inside at the sewing machine. And no, I wont take pictures of them, because they not always cover everything that should be covered, and if they do cover up, they arent pretty or flattering. But tomorrow is sunday and that means in germany all stores are closed. So I had to go to the supermarket at some time this day. Now DSCF4204maybe I am weird, but I would never go outside in sports-cloth (unless I was running) or pyjamas or sweatpants, I even might look weird at people who do so. I dont know where that comes from but I have the strong voice inside telling me, that it isnt respectful to the other people on the street to not be dressed in street-clothing. But I really felt like staying in the comfort, so I put on my most comfy cloth, who arent a mismatch, but also not a good outfit, to run to the store. Because it is not flattering I just show the pictures in small. 😉

pants: made by me

sweater: C&A

boots: seven seconds

What do you wear for sewing? And how do you think about the “what people should wear in public” matter?


keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


  1. I agree PJs should be kept indoors. Sports outfits… well, some people might go to the gym then run errands before going home. I’m okay with it as long as they don’t smell. :p It’s still cold where i am so i wear long comfy yoga-type black pants matched with a turtleneck or long sleeved top to sew.

    • maybe there is something wrong with me? I even would change clothes at the gym. 😉 I really didnt mean to tell anyone, what to wear when, I was just wondering, how other people see that topic.
      So your a comfy clothes sewer as well? 😉

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