orange jacket part 3: close slit and keep hem allowance up


so here are the next steps for the jacket. Only thing left to do next week is to sew the lining into the jacket. Getting close!

DSCF4168as I said, I was to lazy to do the slit, but scroll down and you can vote for jacket sleeve slit tutorials

DSCF4169so I pinned that slit fabric together and marked the line down to the hem

DSCF4170and sewed it

DSCF4171then I marked the normal seam allowance

DSCF4172and cut the additional fabric off

DSCF4173next I pinned the facing all around the neckline

DSCF4179DSCF4180sew and cut the seam allowance in at the curves

DSCF4181DSCF4182iron all seam allowances apart and the hems up

DSCF4183DSCF4184the lining stays the same

DSCF4185DSCF4186the jacket with right side out until now

DSCF4297fold the facing and pin the hem and sew until 1seam allowance before the edge of the facing

DSCF4298then fold over at that seam and sew the hem length down

DSCF4299so it looks like a clean edge, and cut into the seam allowance so it will look like this

DSCF4300then fold the hem over to show the seam allowance at the hem

DSCF4301and sew them together, as close as to the original seam as possible, and sew the down half, you need the upper half to sew the lining to it, but this way the hem will stay up, do that at all seams that go down to the hem and also at the sleeves

DSCF4303looks like this


Any questions are very welcome. Stay tuned for next week: how to sew the hem into the jacket and the finished project.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

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