jacket lining and open sleeve slit 2


here are finally the last steps for the april winner!

DSCF4693I did sew the hem up, same as at the orange jacket, but at the front facing I did it a little different this time. at the fold I started sewing at the line of the hem allowance and then I went in akurve to the normal 1cm seam allowance and stopped 1cm before the end of the facing, turned the right side out and ironed all at the hem line up

DSCF4675for this method I needed the lining at the line that will be sewn to the facing as long as the original pattern and then go up to the normal length of the lining part

DSCF4708now I sewed all lining parts together, and then pinned it  right sides facing each other all around to front and back facing, the lining ends at the front with the facing

DSCF4709then I also pinned it to the hem

DSCF4710DSCF4711but left a small part in the hem open about 15 to 20 cm are enough

DSCF4714then I sewed all around, as you can see at the facing it didn’t match up

DSCF4715now I turned all around so the right side was out

DSCF4716now my front inside at the facing looks like this, its a very clean finish I think

DSCF4717I also put the lining sleeves into the sleeves

DSCF4725next I measured how wide the sleeve slit facing is, minus the seam allowance

DSCF4726and marked that on the lower/inner sleeve part, 1cm below the open part. If you are not sure, which part you have to cut, wait and pin it first and then you will see where you have to much fabric

dont forget to fix the lining at the sleeve/shoulder seam to the jacket, so it will stay in the sleeve, as I did at the orange jacket

DSCF4727now I made sure the sleeve wasn’t turned but straight in the other sleeve and pinned lining to sleeve

DSCF4728then I pulled the sleeve through the still open slit at the hem

DSCF4730and pinned the hems together, thats why I had that pin to fix lining to jacket in there to make sure I dont turn it around now, start pinning at the end, that lays on top now, and pin all round, the sleeve seam should match up, and if you weren’t sure which side need to loose some fabric yet, you will notice now, cut the slit facing width (minus seam allowance) until 1cm before the slit end

DSCF4731I folded the seam allowance over at each end

DSCF4732and sewed

DSCF4733then I turned the sleeve right side out again

DSCF4734looks like this

DSCF4735then I pinned the seam allowance inside

DSCF4736all around the slit and sewed with hand stitching

DSCF4737of course I did all that with both sleeves and also closed that open part in the hem with hand stitching

and I was finally finished!

I hope this was helpful for you! Let me know if you have any question left!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

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