orange jacket part4: lining into jacket = finish!


here are the final steps of the jacket!

DSCF4483DSCF4485 pin the lining to the jacket, all around facing-neck-facing and leave your seam allowance open at the end


DSCF4487sew the top of the sleeves of lining and jacket with a few stitches together, this keeps the lining in the sleeve

DSCF4488turn the jacket right side out

DSCF4489fold the lining up

DSCF4490and sew the down end also with a few stitches together

DSCF4491next pin the lining sleeve to the seam allowance of the sleeve (make sure its not turned around)

DSCF4492pull the sleeves through the still open hem, then pin the sleeve all around together and sew

DSCF4493last fold the lining up and pin it all around and sew with hand stitching

DSCF4494 DSCF4495finished! I really like this pattern, I didnt do any buttons in it because I wear this kind of jackets always open. Next time I use it I will make the shoulders a little smaller, this way the sleeves will fit in better as well, I think. 🙂

All questions, ideas, suggestions and comments are most welcome!

And please vote for your favorite drawing, since its still a tie.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

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