drawing week monday: sewing dress for me

My first drawing challenge I picked myself:

comfy dress for sewing, loose enough to wear over any normal clothes, to keep them clean of threads and such

what do you think?


do you have any challenges for me for the next days? it can be an occasion, a special style, a color or anything. 😉 It would make this more fun!


  1. Any suggestions for lining a too thin material (almost see through) peasant type top I bought? Didn’t realize it was almost see through until I had washed it and took off the tags. I could wear a camisole underneath, but looking for something cooler for in the summer.

    • when its very thin and flowy fabric, a lining might change the fall of the fabric and of the overall appearance. So you need a lining that has a very similar feeling as the original one.

  2. Interesting idea. I’ve never heard of a sewing dress before. Is it going to be a pull over or velcro/hooks at the back for easy pull on/off?

    • I thought of pull over, I am always running around in one pyjama-dress when I sew at home. So I thought I need a more… public version for when I sew at my sewing studio 😉

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