what do you think?


I am thinking of putting a poster on the outside door of my new sewing studio, so this is a first idea:

lp.aspxwhat do you think? did I make any bad language mistakes?

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


  1. I l love the green – but it doesnt seem quite right having your logo right above it? It looks like you have two logos then? Maybe the knit look one could be made smaller and made to look like a button? Also re language try ‘I blog at (or on – not sure which is right blogging lingo) tailorfairy.com about sewing, including detailed tutorials’ and then later ‘you are very welcome to come in and check it out.’ Hope that is helpful.

    • thank you! I already changed the writing. What do you mean with the logo, make it smaller but keep it in the same place? or maybe should I only do the fairy and leave the knitted writing?

      • Maybe you could make the knitted logo smaller and turn it on an angle and put in corner of green section? that way you keep the branding of your blog, but also the cute and eye catching green section. the creme writing on green is also eye catching and easy to read as someone walks past your door.

      • tried that, but then the top section looked empty, so I am now playing around with just the fairy and turned it into sepia-colors, I think I like that best for now, but now the program is failing me and always replacing things where they shouldnt be. Anyhow thank you for you suggestions and ideas!

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