open sleeve slit part 1


I reviewed the pics and noticed it were quite a few so I will split up the sleeve slit in 2 parts and put the lining in between both parts within the next week.

DSCF4660first I sewed the sleeves seams, the one at the sleeve slit 1cm below where the additional fabric for the slit is placed

DSCF4661fold the shorter end in a straight line down from the seam, put the bigger end ontop and fold it over 1cm (or what you use as seam allowance) before the edge of the lower  one

DSCF4662sew the seam allowances together on the top end

DSCF4663the both sleeves should mirror each other

DSCF4677also pin and sew the sleeve seams of the lining and keep the area for the slit open

DSCF4695pin both ends onto each other, matching the check

DSCF4696and cut the end even

DSCF4697DSCF4698now take each end, fold the hem allowance up and iron

DSCF4699pin a pin through only the top layer do mark where seam allowance and hem allowance end

DSCF4700fold it open, see how the pins move far away from each other?

DSCF4701then fold over, right side inside, pins laying on each other

DSCF4702mark a line from where the ironed folds cross to the pinned parking

DSCF4703and sew

DSCF4704then cut the fabric back

DSCF4705iron the seam allowance apart and turn around

DSCF4706one clean corner, repeat the same with the other corner and the corners of the other sleeve

DSCF4707looks pretty from the right side ūüėČ

next time I show you how to make it look pretty inside with lining, too.

By the way, do you want a tutorial for how to add a open sleeve slit to a sleeve pattern?

If there are any questions for the steps until here please let me know!

dont forget to vote for your favorite june drawings.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

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