easy summer dress how to


so as you notice my internet is up and running again, I hope it stays that way. One tech guy woke me up this morning, called around 7am. Anyhow here is the step by step for the dress I made last wednesday.




DSCF4802I started with a well fitting neckholder top and ribbed knit which is knitted in a circle, so I dont have any side-seams. I placed the top on it and drew around adding seam allowance (I cut of a little of the strap to add ribbon later)

DSCF4803I hope you can see my light lines and then I cut it

DSCF4805for the skirt I used a flow-y polyester mix, which I just cut in and ripped into 2 same wide parts with the wished skirt length plus seam allowance and hem allowance

DSCF4806then I pinned the selvedges together right sides facing each other  and sewed

DSCF4807for the top I just folded the seam allowances inside

DSCF4808and sewed with zigzag stitching

DSCF4809I also cut (or ripped) 2 smaller strips for the ribbon in the neck, and  folded right side on right side, sewed the long end together and turned the right side out

DSCF4810then I turned the seam allowance inside and pinned the ribbon ruffled to the top

DSCF4811and sewed

DSCF4813now I sewed at the top of the skirt all around with really wide stitching

DSCF4814and ruffled it to the right size

DSCF4815to fit the top, pinned it together

DSCF4816now I tried it on and noticed my ribbons are way to long after tying them in the neck, so I marked how long I wanted it to have

DSCF4817folded the open edges inside and sewed

DSCF4818now I folded the hem up twice, pinned and sewed

DSCF4819dress finished…

DSCF4820 DSCF4821ignore that I didnt iron the hem for the picture 😉

this was a really easy and fast thing to do, I didn’t even need a pattern 🙂

I hope this was helpful for you, let me know if there are any questions left! I will try my best to answer them.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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