how I made my own fabric


so today Button and I went to look at my future sewing studio and got disappointed: It wasn’t finished. I called on monday to say I come by and nobody checked… 😦 that means I can’t spend the next days painting (thats why I came here… )so I will have to stick with white at the beginning, because when moving with all the furniture painting will take a lot more time and be more difficult… well I’ll be moving next month and I really hope it will look better then. I already bought some of the new furniture I am going to need though. 🙂

I am starting the series today about how I made the may drawing winner, and will post the next steps every friday. So first I had to made my own striped jersey:

DSCF4767first I took a thick paper and drew lines in a 45° angle, then cut it and glued it together to have a pattern

DSCF4768then I put the fabric (which I washed before) flat on the table, or as flat as possible 😉

DSCF4769and drew on the lines of the pattern (45° angle to the selvedges and fold) I cut the fabric in fold, so I have 2 final fabric which stripes would mirror each other, lots of pins to keep the fabric together

DSCF4770then I also put the other color beneath it, so I could cut all at once, of course then I got the pins through all fabric layers

DSCF4771and cut

DSCF4776DSCF4777DSCF4778now I pinned the strips of the upper layer of each fabric together and sewed with serger, lots of straight lines, almoust got kinda boring

DSCF4784then I did the same with the lower layers and got two new fabrics that mirror each other

This whole process took a lot time, so if you have a chance to buy your fabric already striped, you should consider it 😉

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


      • I made a huge change to my studio this past month and now have a huge cutting table. Was making do with a horrible pasted together surface. I’m so happy with the new table, level, sturdy, BIG & free! Still putting things away that had to move for the table switching event!

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