new furniture


so I bought the rest of the new furniture today, I am going to use in my new sewing studio.  All the other furniture I need I will reuse my old furniture for 😉 and maybe you notice I got 2 new simple sewing machines to teach on, my mum will borrow me hers and I can teach groups of up to 4 people, this might not seem much but it is a lot for me. I also got 35 metres of a simple white cotton, for 1€/m so I have something to make muslins of, with future students 🙂IMG_0048

Yeah I know, the furniture is still in boxes. 😉 the flooring got done in my future sewing studio, but all the rest need some more work, so I left everything in boxes and covered it up (after I took the pics) so they can paint without worrying. and everything will happen when I move in one month, I just hope they really get everything fixed till then…. I mean they were supposed to be finished by now…


keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


  1. I think teaching four (or less) at a time is a perfect number (at least when it comes to teens). I have tried to teach five teens (I am a 4-H leader in the US) and it was crazy. I finally had two of the more experienced girls try to help two of the new people (thread machines, etc) it was easier to deal with. Can’t wait until we can see the finished studio.

    • Yeah I think so, too. I got a little confused researching others who do courses and found most take groups with up to 8 people. But I think that means if one has a problem he/she might need to wait a while until the instructor has time…
      If you dont mind me asking: what is a 4-H leader?

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