I am getting a little angry…


so yesterday I packed all my boxes into the car and today we unloaded them, and a big disappointment waited for me: my studio space still isn’t painted, even though I called wednesday to remind them I was coming, so I couldn’t put up furniture and start de-packing in there yet. I am getting angry and frustrated with them… So now I gotta wait until monday, you know most people here don’t work weekends, and then I get to ask when they finally will be finished 😦 and I just hope now they don’t get any paint on the furniture I had to put in the room already since I don’t have any other space to store it.   Well here are some pictures of the status quo, the paint stuff was already in the room, and as you can see there is still a lot work to do for the painter.

Can you find Button in the pictures?

IMG_0068 IMG_0069 IMG_0070 IMG_0071 IMG_0072 IMG_0073 IMG_0074 IMG_0075 IMG_0076

I am sorry I am a little negative today, I really planned on always writing only positive posts, but I thought you would like to know what keeps me up. I will keep you posted on the sewing studio progress, and finally upload the next steps for the shirtdress tomorrow.

keep sewing and smiling (even if it gets difficult)

your TailorFairy


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