shirtdress: sewing 1


here are the first sewing steps for the shirtdress:

DSCF4915I pinned the collar parts right sides facing each other together

DSCF4922and I also pinned the side seams and seams within the dress

DSCF4923sewed the collar

DSCF4924then I cut the seam allowance back at the corner and turned the right side out

DSCF4925now I pinned the collar stand parts to each side of the collar and sewed it

DSCF4926and folded over so the right side is outside

DSCF4927after sewing and serging the vertical seams I closed the shoulder seams, really careful that the seams match up

DSCF4928now I sewed and serged the sleeve seam, then turned the sleeve right side out and pinned it into the armhole, right side of sleeve and dress face each other

DSCF4929now I pinned the collar stand to the neck hole (right side)

DSCF4930and sewed

DSCF4965then I folded the seam allowance inwards also of the open end on the inside of the dress and sewed it closed with hand stitching

DSCF4931almost finished, if you haven’t tried it on for fit yet, now should be the time;)

I hope this was helpful for you, if there is a word or term you don’t know, try the dictionary, if I haven’t explained it there yet, please do not hesitate to ask, same as for anything else about this project or sewing in general.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy



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