vote for the first projects in my new sewing studio!


so since my sewing studio starts looking like I can work in it soon, I thought I let you vote for all the drawings since april which I didn’t sew yet, the top3 will be my first 3 projects in my new sewing studio. After I finished some of my WIPs 😉

So here they are:

DSCF4142(1) pants

DSCF4166(2) blouse  DSCF4209(3) DSCF4230(4)DSCF4396(5) DSCF4422(6) DSCF4637(7) + (8)  DSCF4692(9)  DSCF4741(10)  DSCF4785(11)  DSCF4788(12)  DSCF4790(13)  DSCF4792(14)  DSCF4793b(15)   DSCF4798(16)  DSCF4956(17)  DSCF4963(18) DSCF4970(19)

You can vote for up to 5 different drawings! The poll will be open the rest of the week, on monday I start to work on the top 3!

Any questions and wishes for other tutorials are most welcome!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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