shirtdress sewing 2


here are finally the last steps for the june drawing winner:

DSCF5003I put the dress on and marked the point right on top of my bust with a pin so one button will be placed there, if you put it on first, you are also sure you put buttonholes and buttons on the right facings;)

DSCF5002from there I went up  to the collar stand, then measured the distance and divide it -by the number of buttons you want place there plus 1- then took that measurement and placed the other buttons until the hem, or above depending what you like, that is the placement markings, the buttonhole should be starting half of the button size away from the edge

DSCF5005I did the buttonholes with my new sewing machine that does them in one step, (oh I just love it for that) if you do them in 4 steps or by hand: your buttonhole should be a few mm longer then your button

DSCF5006then I carefully cut the middle of the buttonhole

DSCF5007now I placed the 2 facings on top of each other and marked in the third of the buttonhole, thats close to the edge a point

DSCF5008where I sewed on the buttons 😉

DSCF5009I hope this was helpful for you! All questions, wishes and suggestions are most welcome!

Do not forget to vote for my next 3 projects here!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


  1. Thanks for button placement tips. I shall be using them this week as my shirt dress is my next project. Love your new seeing space!!! I still work off the kitchen table.

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