how I made the retro print blouse part1


sorry I am one day late.

DSCF4935 I started with pattern #101 of burda 7/2007

DSCF4940placed the templates on the fabric and cut them, the collar and the shoulder-part are just half of the final piece and needed to be copied to the side, I cut them in a different angle to the grain line, to mix up the print

DSCF4941for the collar I also used a soft fusible interlining, cut and ironed it on

DSCF4942the thin strips I folded in the middle and sewed and then turned the right side out, which was quite difficult, because they are so fine

DSCF4943the collar parts I pinned right sides facing each other and sewed, cut the seam allowance at the corners and turned the right side out, then ironed

DSCF4944I also sewed the sleeves seams

DSCF4945now I needed some holes for the ribbons at the front part, they say to do buttonholes, but this was before I got my new machine that does buttonholes in one step, and the old machine didn’t do pretty buttonholes, so I decided for something else  and took 2 small pieces of fabric

DSCF4946that I pinned right side on right side to the part where the holes should go and sewed a rectangle

DSCF4947then I cut inside the ractangle

DSCF4948stuffed the small fabric piece through that hole

DSCF4949and pinned in place

DSCF4950then I sewed all around that whole again and then cut the piece smaller. It is also not looking perfect, but I never know if my buttonholes would have been prettier.

I hope this was helpful for you! Let me know if you have any questions!

The next part will be up next thursday.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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