how I made the retro print blouse part2


so here are the next steps for the retro print blouse. If you missed the first steps you can find part1 here.

DSCF4951I pinned the wider strip folded in the middle to the right side of the fabric

DSCF4952and sewed, then sewed parallel to the the edge to create a tunnel from the marking  (where the ruffles start) around to the other marking 

DSCF4953then I put the small strips in the tunnel the end of the strip at the end of the tunnel, then I sewed the end in place with a few stitches

DSCF4954the other end of the strips get out of the holes I made for them

DSCF4955next I sewed the rest of the tunnel

DSCF4957now I sewed the back part to the shoulder part

DSCF4958DSCF4959first sewing the back part on the seam allowance with wide stitching to ruffle it to be the right size

DSCF4960DSCF4961now I pinned the front part to the front part and sewed and serged, then I also closed the side seams

DSCF4964next I pinned the sleeves into the armholes

DSCF4966and the collar to the neck hole, right side on right side, just the one layer

I hope this was helpful for you, questions, ideas and wishes are most welcome!

the last steps of the blouse will be up next thursday.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy




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