how to make a flap skirt: waistband part1


so here are the next steps for the flap skirt. If you missed the first parts you can find them here and here. I am facing some difficulties here, in my edit window all the writing is here, but if I view post its only the pictures and no words… I am wondering what I am doing wrong… lets hope it works now.

DSCF5037 next I cut my waistband parts, with the width of 7cm, so in the end my waistband will be 2.5cm wide

DSCF5038I cut one long strip, the length of the back skirt waist plus 10cm to each side, so the ends will reach into the front as in my drawing, and then I cut 2 short waistband parts just for the short distance beween side seam and the flap, measured that and added seam allowance to each end 

DSCF5042DSCF5047So I started with the small waistband parts and pinned and sewed one over the open zipper

DSCF5043DSCF5048DSCF5049the other one, placed 1cm (or your seam allowance) over the side seam, but only sewn starting from the side seam

DSCF5050DSCF5051now I ironed the seam allowance inside and the waistband part up – on both sides

DSCF5052at the side with the seam I cut the seam allowance in, so I could fold the seam allowance inside

DSCF5053and then fold the waistband over

DSCF5054DSCF5055at the end with zipper, I didn’t need to cut in

DSCF5057pinned in place and sew parallel to the seam in place, you could also sew by hand, so its invisible if you prefer that

DSCF5058thats what my skirt looked like with the first small parts of waistband attached, next monday I show you how I sewed the long waistband part into place and added the flap.

I hope this was helpful for you! If not, please ask!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

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