how to sew a loose fitting blouse: pattern, cutting and bodice seams


here is the step by step to the blouse I already made twice: this and that version.

DSCF5406 DSCF5409I found the pattern in Ottobre magazine 5/2013, its pattern #3

DSCF5407thats what it looked like after copying it onto paper and adding seam allowance. I changed the cuff a little bit, since I wanted it to be closed, and not to open with a button, I made it a little shorter.

DSCF5408then I placed the pieces on the fabric, because I used a print fabric I made sure all pieces are placed in the same direction.

DSCF5410with my cut pieces I first placed the facing on the neck hole, pinned and sewed

DSCF5411and cut in at the curve

DSCF5412then I turned it around and wards

DSCF5413ironed in place and pinned and sewed parallel to the edge

DSCF5414now I sewed the parts where there are supposed to be ruffle with wide stitching

DSCF5415then ruffled to the right side and pinned the shoulder part to front and back and sewed

DSCF5416DSCF5417next I sewed the side-seams and the used the serger on all seam allowances and the open edge of the facing

DSCF5418at the shoulder part I folded the seam allowances up and stitched them in place with a line parallel to the original seam.

I hope this was helpful for you! Let me know if there are any questions!

Next week I will show you how I made the rest of this blouse.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

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