how to sew a loose fitting blouse: sleeves, cuffs and neckline


I should learn by now: if I plan writing a tutorial in the evening, it will get night and me to tired and then I write it the next day, so I should write them in the morning right on the day I planned… Well bare with me a little longer, I’ll try my best to grasp that concept;)

Anyhow here comes part2 of the loose fitting blouse, you can still find part1 here.

DSCF5419next I pinned the sleeve seams

DSCF5420sewed and serged

DSCF5421then I sewed the marked area of the sleeve with wide stitches and ruffled, then pinned the sleeve, right side out, into the bodice, right side in.

DSCF5422sewed and serged

DSCF5423now I took the cuffs and sewed them into rings

DSCF5424and I cut a strip for the neckline, about 3cm wide and 60cm long

DSCF5425then I pinned that strip all around the neckline and sewed

DSCF5426ruffled the sleeve-hem and pinned it to the cuffs and sewed

DSCF5427now I folded the strip up and over and inside, so all open edges were inside, pinned and sewed

DSCF5428similar with the cuffs

DSCF5429and my blouse if almost finished

DSCF5430all that was left to do was folding the hem twice inside, pinning and sewing

DSCF5432 (copy)my finished blouse

DSCF5524 DSCF5525this one is made with the same pattern but a wider strip for the neckline

I hope this was helpful for you, if there are any questions left, please let me know! If you have a moment I would really appreciate it, if you like me on facebook or become a follower on twitter!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy



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