drawing history part2


since you were kind enough to like my old drawings last friday, I looked around and found some more of old drawings I did in different times of my life.

DSCF5701 this one was one of my first ideas for this blog before starting it, as you might guess, I was doing a lot more sport and fitness then, I am still not sure how I fit it in my day, I guess that was before I started my all time consuming hobby: blogging 😉

DSCF5702 with this I am not sure, its part the skirt I made in the first tutorial and part me reading to many Karl May Novels 😉 for all of you not knowing that name: Karl May was an author around 1900 writing adventure stories in different countries, without ever traveling himself, but I just like his storytelling

those were sketches for fashion school, some collection with lots of faux fur:

DSCF5703 DSCF5704 DSCF5705 DSCF5706 DSCF5707 I was having this black ribbon laying around wondering what to do with it;) I never made that dress, I used that ribbon as straps for bagsDSCF5708 I drew this as a wedding dress for a friend of mine, sadly we did not stay in touch, so I guess I will never sew it

DSCF5709with this I remember that I drew it in my grandmas home, but I have no idea when that was….

well I hope I didn’t bore you, if you are interested I can go look for some more old drawings I might have somewhere.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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