how to sew a welt pocket with flap: preparation


a while ago, somebody asked me about coat pockets, sadly she never got back to me, but I thought maybe this would be interesting for others, too. So I sat down and made a welt pocket of 5 different colored fabrics, so I hope everything will be easy to see. If there are any other things like special pockets or other things that you would like to know how to do, let me know;)


DSCF5586first I marked the later pocket on the right side of the fabric

DSCF5587then I cut 2 strips, length: pocket length plus 3cm, width: 4times the wished width (mine: 0.75cm, so my strips are 3 cm wide)

DSCF5588then the flap, which should be as wide as the pocket plus seam allowance, cut once of the normal fabric and once in lining

DSCF5589and of  course the later pocket, they should be as wide as the strips and as long as you want them to be, or you have space in your jacket or coat

DSCF5590then you need fusible interlining for the strips, the fabric flap and the area around the fabric on the jacket (or my piece of fabric)

DSCF5591now I marked the endings of the pocket with pins

DSCF5592DSCF5593placed the fusible interlining on the back

DSCF5594and ironed it on, same with the other parts

DSCF5595now I cut the fusible interlining where needed, so it fit with the strips

DSCF5596and ironed the strips in half

Later today and tomorrow over the day I will post the rest of this tutorial. I hope this was helpful, let me know if there are any problems and questions!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy




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