how to sew a welt pocket with flap: inner pocket and finish


here are the final steps for the welt pocket with flap. The other parts can be found here: part1, part2, part3

DSCF5626now I placed one of the pocket parts on the wrong side of the pocket

DSCF5627 DSCF5628 and pinned it to that seam allowance I sewed the flap to

DSCF5629and sewed

DSCF5630 DSCF5631 now I folded it up

DSCF5632 DSCF5633 and then pinned the other pocket part to the lower strips seam allowance (medium blue)DSCF5634sewed

DSCF5635 DSCF5638then I ironed it down and sewed on the seam allowance to keep it that way

DSCF5639 DSCF5640 then I folded the other pocket part back down as well

DSCF5641 DSCF5642 and pinned both pocket parts together

DSCF5643 DSCF5644 and sewed all around

DSCF5645next I cut the fabric close to the seam, if you do not have a lining where you are putting your pockets, you should serge the open edges of the pocket parts before sewing

DSCF5646now I undid my stitching that kept the pocket closed.

and finished!

DSCF5647 (copy) DSCF5648 (copy) DSCF5649 (copy)

well I hope this was helpful for you! Let me know if there are any questions left!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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