how to sew a half circle skirt with lining: pattern and cutting


do you have all your gifts and presents for christmas? Is it just me or is that gift shopping getting more crazy every year? More advertisements, longer lines in stores and every one runs around like crazy? I am trying my best not to join, but to stay relaxed. 😉 What about you, did the christmas-crazy infect you?

Anyhow here are the first steps for the skirt I wore in this outfit-picture.

DSCF5651I started with a rectangle: short side: waist divided by 4. (If you want your skirt to sit lower on your hips, take that measurement); long side: wished skirt length from waist down.

DSCF5652DSCF5653now I split that into 3 equally wide strips and cut them

DSCF5654now I started with one strip right at the edge of a bigger paper (I use paper table cloth for my patterns)

bear with me some mathematics:

DSCF5655DSCF5656Since I wanted the skirt to be a half circle skirt I needed 180° in total, this part is a quarter of the whole skirt so I needed 45°, split into 2 spaces between strips: 22.5°

DSCF5657so I placed the strips in a 22.5° angle to each other

DSCF5658drawed around and connected the lines

DSCF5659then added seam allowance and hem allowance

DSCF5660I wanted a seam in the centre front and back, because I used a striped fabric and I wanted it to build a 90° angle at the centre front and back, so I added seam allowance.( if you use a plain fabric, just use the pattern in a fold)

DSCF5661my pattern

DSCF5663now I just had to cut it 4 times (2 times of a folded fabric)  makings sure while cutting the strips will match at the seams.

I hope this was helpful for you, let me know if there are any questions left!

keep sewing and smiling and

Merry Christmas!




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