how to sew a half circle skirt with lining: lining into skirt, waistband and hem


I am getting a little better, I hope I am up and running soon. Anyhow here are the last steps for the half circle skirt, you can find the first steps here: part1 and part2

DSCF5679I cut the lining parts from the same pattern as the other fabric, just about 5cm shorter, sewed 3 seams and  serged the seams and open edges and hem

DSCF5680now placed the middle seam of the lining on the centre front seam of the skirt

DSCF5681DSCF5683pinned and sewed the seam allowances together, then I did the same with the side seam allowances

DSCF5682next I pinned the open edges of the centre back seam together, but left the space for the zipper open and sewed

DSCF5684then ironed the seam allowances apart and pinned it to the centre back seam seam allowance and sewed

DSCF5685then I pinned the seam allowance folded in next to the zipper and sewed by hand, now I measured around the waistline

DSCF5686then cut a strip with that length plus 3cm for seam allowances, 8cm wide, so the waistband will be 3cm wide

DSCF5687then I pinned it all around , considering a longer end on the left side of the zipper, sewed and folded over

DSCF5688sewed the ends

DSCF5689cut the seam allowances on the corner

DSCF5690 (copy)then turned the right side out, folded the open edge on the isnide into the waistband, pinned and sewed

DSCF5691next I picked a fitting button

DSCF5692sewed a button hole and then sewed the button in place

DSCF5693last I marked the hem allowance

DSCF5694ironed it up and then stitched it invisible by hand

DSCF5713 DSCF5714finished! with fixing the seam allowances of lining and skirt together I made sure, the lining wouldn’t knot around my knees, then the skirt would go up and show the lining 😉 this way everything stays in place, well the skirt could still move up, but at least with the lining 😉 by the way: this version does not move up, its a really comfy skirt to wear

DSCF5698this is another version of the same pattern, just that I cut centre front and back in fold, and placed the zipper in the side seam.

I hope this was helpful for you, let me know about any questions!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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