UFO finishing January: my UFO’s


my cold finally got better and so I can start with finishing my UFO’s.

Starting with seeing how many of them are there. I split them up in 3 Groups:

IMG_0288 projects I stopped working on somewhere in the process:

IMG_0289 the winter coat, a blue blouse, an upcycled blouse with dots and a bag for the shop with a strawberry fabric IMG_0290 2 upcycled T-Shirts and a yellow bag for my shopIMG_0291 6 projects I never did 1 stitch for, baby hat and baby dress, a skirt, 2 bags for the shop and corduroy-pants

IMG_0292 3 projects that only need hemming or buttonsIMG_02936 projects that need changing or mending

so I count 22 UFO’s in total, and just 3 weeks of January left, lets hope I get at least close to finishing them all.

How are you doing with your UFO’s?

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy



  1. I like your organizational style. Good idea. I have quite a few UFOs in all different categories, but my must-dos are two pairs of plaid Colette Clovers that need a bit of fit tweaking, waistband insertion, and hemming. If I got those done, I’d be soooo happy.
    Good luck on your January projects! Cute stuff!!

    • well, with a sweater and a woolen panty-hose, you can still wear a summer dress in winter, especially if its a warm winter. (where I live it still is pretty warm for January;))
      Good luck with your knitting! Are the sleeves done already, or do you do them last? (your pic only shows the back)
      By the way: how do you manage to only have 2 UFO’s? you never loose interest or put something aside for a while? Thats admirable! I sadly often do so, thats how I managed to get my 22 UFOs 😉

      • Yes, that’s true, but I feel like the fabric pattern isn’t the right fit for winter – even though it’s pretty warm here too.

        I’ve only finished the back so far, the sleeves will be the last thing I knit. And yeah: right now I only have two UFOs. I’ve done a lot of UFO stash busting over the last year. 🙂

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