adventures in fabric dyeing


here are the first swatches of my fabric dyeing adventures, the light brown ones turned out like that at the first try. The dark red ones took a little more work and lots of time in the washing machine. I dyed the fabric with a color called dark brown, but when it dried I saw that it wasn’t a dark brown, but more of a green-grey. Well I did not like the color at all, so the fabrics went back into the washing machine and I dyed them again with red. I thought the green with the red would turn into a nice reddish brown, well it got more dark wine red, but it is a nice color, so I settled with this one. I have some more fabrics that turned out fine, with the first try, and some that need some more work, I will keep you updated.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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