how to sew pants: zipper and fly


hier are the next steps for the pants, you can find the first parts here: part1, part2 and part3.

DSCF6165next I pinned and sewed the front crotch-seam until the beginning of zipper

DSCF6166looks like this

DSCF6167I folded the lower side a little bit parallel to the  centre front, so the zipper wouldn’t show, the pin shows where the centre front is

DSCF6168now I pinned the zipper in place

DSCF6169opened  the zipper because its easier to sew

DSCF6170and sewed

DSCF6173closed the zipper again

DSCF6174now pinned the centre front together

DSCF6175and the open side of the zipper to the facing

DSCF6178just through that one layer and sewed

DSCF6180now I pinned a line from the end of the zipper into a line parallel to the centre front

DSCF6181and sewed, looks pretty finished from the outside

DSCF6182but not yet on the inside

DSCF6183first I cut the end of the zipper

DSCF6185and I cut another part then length and width as the facings and serged

DSCF6186now I placed it on the zipper

DSCF6187and pinned it to the facing of the lower side

DSCF6188just to the facing

DSCF6189and sewed

DSCF6190last I sewed the new part to the other facing at the end

DSCF6191and the finished zipper

I hope this was helpful for you let me know if you have any questions! I will upload the next steps next week.

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keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy




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