how to sew pants: pattern part1



I have 2 patterns I copied of pants I own, both are ok, but none of them is perfect. You know those patterns you use and when trying it on you just know you have to make another one with the same pattern and another and another… just because it fits so well…

well both aren’t there yet, so I decided to try to combine both patterns. I wasn’t sure if it would work, maybe I would get all the things I don’t like in the new pants, but I hoped it would only have the good sides of both  –  and I was lucky. 😉

DSCF6120first I drew a long line on the new paper for the grain line, so I would place both front parts right

DSCF6121then I drew around both front parts

DSCF6122in 2 different colors

DSCF6123then I drew around with another color in the middle of both lines…

DSCF6124now did the same with the back part

DSCF6129added seam allowance all around and cut it

DSCF6132then pinned inseam and side seam on both legs

DSCF6133and sewed with wide stitching. I was just sewing it to try the pattern on, then I changed the pattern up

DSCF6134I turned one leg with right side out and placed it inside the other leg

DSCF6135then I sewed the crotch seam, but left the fly open where the zipper would be. Now I tried it on, and it fit well besides some minor changes.

Next monday I will show you how I changed the pattern.

I hope this was helpful for you! If there are any questions let me know!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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