….and the winners of the giveaway are…


happy easter! I have some gifts for you, if you took part in the giveaway.

IMG_0359I just sat down with the jars and pulled a random paper from each and the winners are:

IMG_0360first: nobody placed their name in the jar for the neon hand-knitted socks, so I am going to make those for somebody else – your lost

IMG_0361the hand knitted blue socks go to Chelsea W

IMG_0362daniellajoe won the turquoise yarn

IMG_0363the check fabric now belongs to salpal1

IMG_0364the black jersey-like fabric is now catrimanel‘s

IMG_0365Crysta won the burgundy taffeta

IMG_0366and the turquoise/lilac yarn is on its way to Kate

IMG_0367the blue yarn will be added to wisher‘s stash

IMG_0368Drea Nicole won the bundle of lace

IMG_0369the grey jersey will be on its way to smittenness

IMG_0370and last but not least: I made it! wins the dark blue fabric

I wish I could let everyone win something, I hope you are not to disappointed, if you did not win. I will be sending each of the winners an Email asking for their mailing addresses within the next hour and then most of the packages will be send on their way, just the socks need to be knitted first.

Thank you all for participating in my polls and my giveaway and I hope all the winners are really happy with their gifts once they arrive!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy



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