results of the polls and my plans


thank you all for taking part in my polls and helping me understand what is most interesting for you. The winning topics (that got more then 20% of the votes) are: (in no order)

organizing sewing things

easy projects for beginners


different fabrics

sewing tutorials

knitting updates


and I will do my best to give you at least one post a month of each topic. I am not sure if I will manage that each month, because I have a busy time ahead of me. I decided to go back to school and do my master craftsman in sewing and tailoring. Because when I have that degree I am allowed to teach sewing in fashion schools and that would be something I’ld enjoy doing. So I will spending may and june in classes learning about money, economy and accounting, august will be spend in classes learning how to teach a craft to an apprentice. Starting in September I will travel each friday and saturday to Dresden and learn more about sewing, tailoring, design, marketing and so on. until next year july. Besides that I plan on doing a small made-to-order collection of clothing with my own fabric designs, I am working on that now, I will probably have the first things up on etsy late summer or autumn. And you will also be able to order fabrics with my design via spoonflower and make clothing in your own style with it.

I think thats about it, what I am planning to manage within the next year and sometimes I think, I am crazy for trying it all at the same time. Of course I also want to keep blogging, teach my sewing classes in my sewing studio and make the clothing items people ask (and pay) me to sew for them. So please be patient with me and my beloved blog, when I am not posting as much the next months as I used to. I will give you an update from time to time, how my classes are going and how the clothing collection is starting to take shape and hope I will not bore you with that. 😉

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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