meet Rum


I bought this mannequin so I have someone skinny I can photograph in clothes for my new collection. I mean I don’t like that everyone has to be skinny, but on the other hand it is what we are used to look at and base our decisions on. So I got her from a young man who did not have any room for her anymore and who told me he used to call her Tequila. As a joke I answered that I didn’t like tequila, so I would have to call her Rum. Well that somehow stuck to her, unless you have a great name idea?

I put her in some cloth that got to small for me, and guess what, they are still to big for her. She really is a skinny girl.

She was bald when I got her, so for now she is wearing a wig I still had.

DSCF6298 DSCF6299 DSCF6300 DSCF6301 DSCF6302

My classes are going well, in case you are interested, I am learning a lot I can use in the future. But I am turning crazy over not having enough time to sew. But I will survive 1.5 more months…. somehow.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


House of Holland


  1. I love her, she is certainly rocking that hair color. Classes will be over before you know it and the knowledge you gain will certainly be worth the time spent.

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