organizing sewing supplies: buttons


you all voted posts to the top about how I organize my sewing things.

IMG_0382starting with the board with those 5 boxes. First up: the yellow box. This is how I organize my buttons.

IMG_0383IMG_0384I bought this box in a crafts store, its supposed to organize screws, bolts and nails. If you are with me quite some time you might remember I used to have my threads in that box, but they had to move to a bigger place.

IMG_0385 I organized them by colors, because that works best for me. The right upper corner are the kids buttons, those aren’t organized by color, just by theme.

Well this is how I keep my buttons in order, I hope this was helpful for you.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy 



  1. I might have to steal your idea! My buttons were a jumbled mess, then I had some helpers sort them by color into zip lock sandwich sized bags, according to color. Your system looks more user friendly! Thanks for sharing

  2. Love how you used your organizations skills for the buttons, right now mine are all loose in a jar, and while the jar looks pretty, you have to pour them out and sort through them to find what you need. Great idea.

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