My master craftsman of tailoring class: day 3 + 4


so sorry I kept you waiting again, but here is my report of my last weekend in master-craftsman-class.

This time I travelled by train to Dresden and was getting off at that train station just 3 km away from the school. I thought that wouldn’t be to far to walk, that was before I learned all 3 km were uphill.  So I had a little more exercise then I thought I would. But I still got there early so I could get a room for the night, which looked pretty similar then the room last week, just that it had a lot more cracks in the walls and also the mirror.

Then my class started with organisation-structures of companies and work in general, which wasn’t very new but the teacher was very enthusiastic and let me knit while listening, so it was still a nice class. After class I went back to my room, planning to watch a movie on youtube and go to sleep. But sadly my room was to far away from the lobby so I did not have internet-receptionion, which was frustrating.

Next morning first class was about materials. The teacher brought a lot of fabrics that we could touch and guess for names, compounds and what it is best used for. Which was very interesting were all those different furs he brought us. It was a lot of old furs, which is fine with me, since I feel it is not necessary to kill animals for fur, but when they were killed back in the 20s or 50s or whenever it would be a shame just to throw the furs away. So that was really fascinating to touch all that different furs and get a feel for it. What is your opinion about furs? (I personally prefer faux fur, it comes in a nice even width and thickness)

The second class was about style, styling and colors. It wasn’t anything I never heard or read before, but it was still a nice class.

Sadly I could not take pictures for you in my classes, but as soon as I get copies or pictures I will share them.

I hope you all had a nice week, I will tell you about my classes today and tomorrow within the next week.

Have a great weekend!


keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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