analogue pictures in purple

Pictures taken with my Diana F+ on lomography purple color negative 120 film.

scan1 scan3 scan6 scan7 scan8 scan9


    • I thought when I got the film developed that it looks almost to normal in color. 😉 If I ever get the chance to only buy one roll of the turquoise film I would love to test it, but I don’t like that I have to buy at least 5 rolls in a bundle. What about you?

      • You can tell it’s not usual film though, the tube train carriage looks a bit surreal with I like! It’s a bit if a pain that you have to buy 5 at once, as it’s not the sort of film you would want to shoot every day! Me and some friends ordered together and got a roll each. Would like to try the turquoise in the future!

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