Working on a new door-poster


I felt the poster at my studio-door needed an update and since money is tight right now, I had to work with what I still had laying around.

DSCF6878 I still had some canister of spray-paint and my stencils, so I made those small fairies to show the way within the building. 

DSCF6879 Then I tried a few versions of the big fairy for the door poster, the left is the original pic on my banner

DSCF6880 in the end I decided for the simple fairy on the rightDSCF6883 then I did the writing by hand, with the help of stencils and manifold paper. The paper of the fairy still needs to be cut and the flyers need bags to hold them, but that is what my layout looks like so far

DSCF6884 the black is actually glue-on-chalkboard

DSCF6885which is great so I can easily change my opening hours if my schedule changes.

What do you think? My old door poster looks like this, by the way.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy



  1. I like the design – and I like the idea of a tailor fairy, it reminds me of the shoemaker’s elves story I read as a child. What a lovely blog – I love to see how other people sew, there are so many different ways to make something, and usually great tips!

    • thank you, a friend made it for me, when I told him I was planning to start my blog, and I just loved it from the first minute. It used to be pink and turquoise, but my color-taste changed a little over the years so now I use the sepia-toned version.

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