how I organize my fabrics


me and my fabric stash and the organization of it is definitely a never ending story. Depending on my mood, the fabrics and colors I re-organize it at least once a year. But well this it what it looks like right now, I will do another post, when I change it ;).

It does not look like much I know, I had to down size a while ago, just because space was getting an issue and I still had a lot of fabrics from other phases of my life, with colors I did not like to wear anymore. So I gave it away to a social project, that will give it to schools and daycares, so kids will have fun with it, which made the parting easier.

The fabrics are sorted by what I use them for, the column on the left are the fabrics for the bellbottoms and drawstring-backpacks, the next column contains the fabric I use for the wide pants and summer hats. then there is the column with the interlock and the cotton faux fur for polo-t-shirts and winter hats.

In the column on the right I have my fabrics to test, and my test products before they get into my etsy store. The yellow in the top row is my decoration fabric, I covered the table and such at the designers market with it.

The 2 folders contain my patterns needed for my collection.

In the box are fabric scraps.

DSCF7091for example my corduroy, I do not organize by color at the moment, because the colorful look inspires me somehow

DSCF7092then my denim, sorted by uni colors and prints

DSCF7093similar pattern with the other fabircs

DSCF7094and my work in progress.

Well that is what it looks like right now, I still have a few fabrics I saved for myself, but they aren’t organized, so they did not fit with this post, I hope this was still interesting for you.

How do you organize your fabric?

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

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