how to sew… the dress #122 of burda 4/15: first seams


how is your weekend going?


Here are the first sewing steps for dress #122 of burda 4/15. You can find the tutorials about the pattern and cutting here: pattern, cutting.



DSCF7013first I pinned my darts in the back

DSCF7014and the front

DSCF7015I also pinned the ribbons that will close the dress, (I made the mistake of cutting each twice, but well… that means I have a back-up)

DSCF7016then I pinned the inner-arm seam

DSCF7017also pinned the collar parts on top of each other

DSCF7018and the facing parts

DSCF7019sewed and overlocked the inner sleeve seam and overlocked the seam allowances of the other sleeve seam

DSCF7020sewed and overlocked the facings

DSCF7021sewed the back darts and ironed them to the middle

DSCF7022sewed the front darts and ironed them to the side, thats the way I learned it, when I first started, you can do it differently, but right and left of front and back should always be mirror-images

DSCF7023sewed the collar

DSCF7024cut the seam allowance back at the corner

DSCF7025ironed the seam allowance apart

DSCF7026cut the seam allowance a little more

DSCF7027then turned the right side out and ironed it again

DSCF7028sewed my ribbons

DSCF7029then turned right side out

DSCF7030with both ribbons

DSCF7031and ironed them the seam in one of the folds

Well thats how far I got until now, if you have any questions about this do not hesitate to ask. I’ll show you the next steps I am taking next week. Its supposed to get summary warm here in the next week, so I could use some new dresses 😉

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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