how to sew… the dress #122 of burda 6/15: pattern


so your voting made 2 patterns to winners, since the same amount of people voted for each one, and since I really like both of them I decided to sew them both. Starting with the retro looking dress #122:

IMG_0708 IMG_0711 I already ordered the fabrics, but they will take a little to get here, so this week I start with the pattern of the dress. Next week I work on the pattern of the other winner the jumpsuit #119. And the week after my fabrics should be here, so I can start cutting both projects.

So here comes the dress pattern:

DSCF7032 the front piece looks funny, like a banana 😉

DSCF7033I don’t like skirts getting smaller towards the seam, that just looks weird on me, so I drew a straight line down from the hip

DSCF7034then added seam allowance (I use 1cm) and hem allowance (3cm)

DSCF7035of course I did the same to the side-seam at the back-part

DSCF7036then I made a mistake by copying the sleeve part

DSCF7037it was partly inside my back part, where I already added seam allowance

DSCF7038so this is what I did, I added seam allowance to the sleeve, and hem allowance (in this case 6cm, because sleeves are often to short for me)

DSCF7039but only until the seam allowance of my back part

DSCF7040then I cut my back part out

DSCF7041glued another piece of paper into the hole

DSCF7042and drew a new line and added seam and hem allowance

DSCF7043all pattern parts

DSCF7044 here I placed the facings where the belong later

Do you have any questions about the dress so far? Do not hesitate to ask!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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