how to sew… the dress #122 of burda 6/15: cutting


cutting this dress really too a long time, just because I carefully matched up the print. I thought when sewing a 70s style dress I should use a fun 70s print from my own designs. So I am using my retro flower print which is a bigger print, but it will look so much fun in the finished dress! If you like my fabric you can order your own here, there are different color-options as well. For this dress I had it printed on 2 yards of spoonflowers perfomance pique, which is a great polyester fabric, with a nice drape and a soft and cool feel, just a little sensitive to pins, but works well if you are a little careful.

If you missed the first part about the pattern, you can find it here.

DSCF7097I started with the back pattern

DSCF7098 and front pattern, luckily the print is the same in both directions, so I could place them in both directions

DSCF7099 now I placed  the smaller in between where I could find the space.

DSCF7100 then cut all pattern pieces and cut in at the markings

DSCF7101 I used a small piece of fabric for the back neckline facing, which I cut in foldDSCF7102 then I placed all the other pattern pieces right side down on the fabric again, carefully matching up the print so each part will look the same, of course the seam allowance will be taken away later, so I will not have full matched up flowers at the seams, but still the will fit together and it already was a long enough process like this

DSCF7103 when everything was matched up I cut the parts and then  looked at my markings

DSCF7104 and cut in at the new part

DSCF7105my dress still in pieces so far.

I can’t wait to get started on this dress, it will be so much fun to sew and wear.

Do you have any questions so far? Do not hesitate to ask!

Tomorrow a new burda style mag will be at the stores, so you can vote for the next tutorial starting tomorrow.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


  1. This is such a beautiful dress. Don’t you love when you have to cut fabric and it takes years lol? I am still at the starting stage of sewing but practicing almost every week is showing signs of improvement. I recently brought a pattern from McCall; I can’t wait to try it out.

    • thank you! I just do not like cutting fabric, and I really do not like ironing, but I guess its just what I have to do, to get to do what is fun, which is sewing. 😉 I am wishing you all the best for your sewing journey, if you ever hit a problem and need help, I will be glad to help and learn something new by doing so.

  2. Thank you so much for the encouragement. I am sewing something almost every week. I started off working with a lot of stretch fabric. Stretch fabric at first is not easy to work. Do you have any tips on keeping the fabric from getting stuck in the feeder?

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