whats on my knitting needles 15-06-08



for me knitting is like therapy. It just calms me down and puts things into perspective. I guess thats why I find myself knitting even more in stressful times and those times in life when you just feel helpless because there is nothing at that moment you can do to change the situation. And of course in the end I even created something new, so that is really rewarding for me as well.

Why do you knit?

keep sewing and smiling and knitting

your TailorFairy


  1. Interesting! Sewing is my stress busting and knitting is for watching TV !! I don’t like sitting doing nothing!! Although I have started a lacy cardigan and I have to just knit and no distractions to concentrate! It’s going to take a while!!!! If it’s TV knitting I keep knitting really soft baby blankets for a never ending supply of new babies where I work!!

    • I do not have a tv, but knit while watching dvds or riding in trains to work, in boring classes (I just cant listen as well, if I do nothing with my hands). Sewing is relaxing for me too, but weirdly not as meditative as knitting, maybe because it is my occupation and I knit just for me.
      I have one of this projects as well, with that I have to concentrate while knitting, so it already waits some years to get completed. Its sleeves with lots of small plaits/cables that turn into different directions.

      Knitting while watching TV also sounds like you do it to relax?

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