how to sew… the dress #122 of burda 4/15: top part almost finished



my green dress is coming together and is starting to look like a dress, I hope the warm weather stays, so I can take it out soon.

The first parts can be found here: part1(pattern), part2(cutting) and part3(first seams)


DSCF7106 I pinned the cuffs to the sleeves 

DSCF7108and the collar stands to the collar, both at the same time, to each side of the collar

DSCF7109I also pinned the centre back

DSCF7110and the right side seam

DSCF7112In the left side seam I also put one of the ribbons

DSCF7113then sewed and serged the centre back seam and side seams

DSCF7116sewed the collar stands and cut the seam allowance short at the corner

DSCF7117sewed the cuffs to the sleeves and ironed the seam allowance into the cuffs

DSCF7118folded the collar stand over and ironed it

DSCF7121next I pinned, sewed and serged my shoulder seams

DSCF7122now I pinned my top sleeve seam and sewed it

DSCF7123just stopped shortly before the seam

DSCF7124now I folded the cuff inside and the seam allowance down and pinned the side seam of the cuff on each side

DSCF7125then sewed the 2 seams

DSCF7127now turned the right side out, folded the cuff inside, and pin the inner seam allowance into the cuff

DSCF7129then sewed all around in the original seam, I did sew back and forth over the slit, to prevent any ripping

DSCF7130finished sleeves

DSCF7131next I pinned the ribbon and the collar to the markings onto the right side of the bodice

DSCF7132then pinned my facing on top of it

DSCF7133sewed it and serged it, as well as the open edge of the facing, then folded the facing over and inside the bodice and ironed it

DSCF7134my almost finished top part of the dress so far.

Do you have any questions about this project so far? Please do not hesitate to ask!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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