how to sew… the dress #122 of burda 4/15: top part finished, pockets into skirt

IMG_0682 IMG_0677


the dress is coming together and I am starting to doubt a little, if I will really like it when its finished, but maybe I am to critical – we will see next week when I will finish it.

Anyway you can check back on this project from the beginning here: part1, part2, part3, part4 .

DSCF7156I pinned the front facing down

DSCF7157and the sleeves into the top, for that I turned the bodice wrong side out and the sleeves right side out, and put the sleeves into the armholes from the inside, this way the right sides face each other

DSCF7158sewed and serged the armholes

DSCF7159and sewed the edge over, so my top part is finished.

DSCF7160before sewing the skirt I added the welt pockets

DSCF7161because my fabric frays a lot I used fusible interfacing, the softest I had, which is vliselina H180. I cut 4 pieces the size of the open welt parts.

DSCF71622 pieces I ironed right on top of the markings of the pockets,(wrong side of the fabric) trying to place the marking right in the middle

DSCF7163and the other 2 on my welt parts

DSCF7164I redrew the lines of the pockets placing and drew them longer

DSCF7165then took a thread in a different color that is easy to see, and sewed the lines with wide stitching

DSCF7166so I have my markings on the right side as well

DSCF7167then placed my welt folded in the middle and one pocket part and placed them on the marking according to the seam allowance in the pieces

DSCF7168then I used chalk to draw the lines of the pocket onto welt and the bigger pocket part

DSCF7169then sewed the long sides, careful to end and start right at the same point, and that my seams are parallel

DSCF7170now I cut it in in the middle between the seams, stopping 1-2cm before the end

DSCF7171then cut into the corners from that point, right to that end of the seam


DSCF7175and then turned both parts onto the inside

DSCF7177and ironed them, welt into the hole

DSCF7178 and then seam allowances of the pocket part apart

DSCF7179now I sewed the pocket shut with hand stitching the way I wanted it to look like when its finished

DSCF7180now I took the triangles on the inside and pinned them to the welt

DSCF7181and sewed them

DSCF7182next I pinned the smaller pocket parts to the seam allowance of the welt

DSCF7183sewed and serged, and also serged the rest of the seam allowances

DSCF7184then pinned the pocket parts together, the way they lay on top of each other

DSCF7185then cut them to the same size

DSCF7186and overlocked all around. I keep my pockets closed until the dress is finished, so nothing I will do, will pull them into a weird form.

Do you have any questions about this? Please do not hesitate to ask!

Did you already vote for the next sewing tutorial? If not you can here.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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