how to sew… the jumpsuit #119 of burda 6/15: cutting


thanks to Amanda of Sew Deputy – Dressmaking I learned that the thing about jumpsuits and June is #jumpintojune. Which sounds like a wonderful idea, I will definitely check back to see the other great jumpsuits that get sewn. If I finish this one still in June I will also take part… so lets see.

So anyway, if you just joining now, I blogged about this pattern here. The fabric I am using is one of my own designs printed on spoonflowers basic combed cotton, 4 yards of it, because its only 42” wide. You can order your own here, I also have it in other color options.

DSCF7135 I started cutting the front parts, since the stripes are not that wide apart from each other, I only tried to match it in the centre front  and back, so I would not make cutting more difficult  then necessary.

DSCF7136 after I cut the waist parts, that I matched up with the lines

DSCF7137 and I cut them from fusible interlining, I used Vliselina G405

DSCF7138 I cut each part in at the seam allowance of the top, so I would always be sure, which way I need to sew them together later and do not turn one upside down by mistake DSCF7140 then I ironed the fusible interlining on, DSCF7141 sadly I did not take a picture where you could see itDSCF7142 then I cut the top parts and cut into the seam allowance at the markings

DSCF7143the waist part will be lined with the fabric to give it more stability, but it wont be seen, so I decided no need to match up the lines and just cut it the way it would fit on the fabric

DSCF7144 then I cut the back part of the pants, as said above only matching up the centre back.

DSCF7145 I just had to take a picture of my fabric 😉

DSCF7146 to copy the darts on the fabric I used carbon paper, folded in the middle, with the coloring side outsideDSCF7147then I placed in between both layers, which worked since my wrong sides are facing each other

DSCF7148 then I took one of those pointy wheels and rolled it over the darts. Does anyone know what those pointy wheel things are called in english?

DSCF7150 looks like thisDSCF7152 then I did the same with the front pant part

DSCF7153 last I cut the pockets, not caring about the grain line

DSCF7154 I was just trying to save as much fabric as possible, because I would love to make a fitting hat 😉DSCF7155my jumpsuit in pieces

Do you have any questions about this so far? Do not hesitate to ask!

Did you already vote for the next tutorial here?

keep sewing and smiling 

your TailorFairy


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