how to sew… the jumpsuit #119 of burda 6/15: sewing2

IMG_0706 IMG_0707 IMG_0714Heyhey,

my jumpsuit is starting to look like one.

You can find the steps I took before here: pattern, cutting, sewing1.


DSCF7298I pinned, sewed and ironed my darts and pinned the centre front seam, trying to match up my stripes

DSCF7299 and centre back seamDSCF7300 then sewed and serged and also serged the side seams

DSCF7301 then I pinned the back top part to the back pants, using a shorter seam allowance on the pants, just because I cut the waist-parts shorter, to have enough room in my pants

DSCF7302 same with the front parts

DSCF7304 and sewedDSCF7305 DSCF7306 next I serged the pockets, first the open side, each seam allowance for itself and a few cm into the curve, and then the round curve serging the seam allowances together

DSCF7307 next I pinned the left side seam, because you normally do the zipper into the left side seam. If you are left handed, you should consider putting the zipper in the right side seam

DSCF7308 I sewed the part where the zipper will be with wide stitches and the rest with normal wide stitches and ironed the seam allowance apart, then placed one pocket into the front partDSCF7309 turned it over and pinned it to the seam allowance

DSCF7310 sewed it and ironed it back into the front

DSCF7311 seam close to the side seam

DSCF7312 next I went on a crazy hunt for a zipper, not willing to take a break, so one of the ones, I still had, had to work and I found this beige/off-white zipper

DSCF7313 and pinned it in, yes again it is not an invisible zipper, I just like normal zippers better, and maybe its my retro style, since invisible zippers are pretty new to fashion.

DSCF7314and I sewed parallel to the zipper on both sides

DSCF7315leaving the pocket open, stopping a few cm before the pocket opening on bot side

DSCF7316now I opened the zipper

DSCF7317my pocket and the zipper still loose

DSCF7318and pinned the pocket to the zipper

DSCF7319and sewed

DSCF7320also sewed over as much of the top layer as my sewing machine could reach

DSCF7321pinned the ends

DSCF7322and sewed them all together, so it almost looks like one seam all through

DSCF7323my finished pocket

Do you have any questions about this so far? Do not hesitate to ask.

Of course this is not the only way to sew pockets into the same side seam as the zipper, what is your preferred method? Do you have any tricks?

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy



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