how to sew… the jumpsuit #119 of burda 6/15: sewing1

IMG_0706 IMG_0714Heyhey,

at the moment the vote for next months tutorial has 2 winners, since I am going to bring back beginner projects starting next month, I will only have time for one more. So if you have not voted yet, please go here and vote for your favorites.

I got to start sewing on my jumpsuit, you can check back on the steps before here: pattern and cutting.

DSCF7275 first I pinned my seams in the front and back waist parts

DSCF7276 I also folded the end at the facing twice and pinned it, and pinned the pocket parts together, leaving the seam allowance towards the opening open

DSCF7277 and sewed, and noticed my pocket parts placed like this look like a heart 😉

DSCF7278 also sewed my back-waist-part seams and ironed the seam allowances apart

DSCF7279 the same with the front

DSCF7280 now I pinned the facings to the top front parts

DSCF7281 and sewed them on, then cut the seam allowance close to the seam

DSCF7282 and turned them right side out, as you might notice I do not get them as pointy as the should, but I decided that it looked ok this way.

DSCF7283then I folded the open edges twice inside and ironed them in place

DSCF7284then sewed careful not to stretch out and between the marking on the end with wide stitching

DSCF7285to ruffle

DSCF7286then I pinned both top parts

DSCF7287to the front waist part with the fusible interlining ironed onto

DSCF7288and sewed

DSCF7289my top part so far, I can wait until the whole jumpsuit is finished.

Do you have any questions about this so far? Do not hesitate to ask!

Do you like my fabric? (I am just in love with this print) You can get your own here. More colors coming soon, if you have a color combination you would like to have, leave me a note.

stripes and dots

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy




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