how to sew… the jumpsuit #119 of burda 6/15: sewing3

IMG_0714 IMG_0707 IMG_0706Heyhey,

my jumpsuit starts looking good 🙂 The first steps can be found here: pattern, cutting, sewing1 and sewing2



DSCF7324after finishing the left side seam with zipper last week, I pinned the right side seam

DSCF7325sewed, the later pocket opening only with wide stitching, then I placed the pocket within the front-part

DSCF7326folded it over and sewed it to the seam allowance, then folded it back into the front

DSCF7327then folded the other seam allowance onto the back-side-seam-allowance

DSCF7328and pinned it to the seam allowance

DSCF7329sewed close to the seam

DSCF7330and the opened up the wide stitching

DSCF7331now I pinned and sewed the inseam

DSCF7332DSCF7333and tried it on… looks way to wide in my eyes

DSCF7336already looks better, I only pinned the seams in the waist-part and not at the side seams, because I wanted to avoid to sew the zipper in again – lazy me

DSCF7339then I marked how wide the new darts need to be

DSCF7340and measured how much longer the darts need to be, because I marked with a pin the highest part of my butt when wearing the jumpsuit, thats where the dart should end

DSCF7341and unpicked the seams around the seams and darts that need to be altered

DSCF7342at the top I unpicked the whole part between the marking for the ruffles, so the ruffles will be the same all around

DSCF7343then I drew the new dart in the back and made the smaller one longer to match with the bigger dart and sewed both

DSCF7344and drew a new dart in the front part and sewed

DSCF7345and sewed parallel to the original seams in the waist parts, the same measurement I pinned away

DSCF7346then cut it close to the original seam and ironed the seam allowance apart again

DSCF7347then I pinned the ruffled part at the top again, and sewed

DSCF7348then I sewed the waist-seam again.

DSCF7349already looks much better I think

DSCF7350ok, of to the finishing: hem and lining of the waist-part. So next week will be the last steps of this project.

Do you have any questions about this project and the sewing process? Do not hesitate to ask!

Do you like my print-fabric as much as me? You can buy it here.

stripes and dots

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy



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