how to sew… the dress #122 of burda 6/15: alterations to fit better


so the fun retro hippie dress is finished and I just love it. 🙂 Even though I think I will go one size down with burda patterns, because it could be a little tighter.

Here are the steps I took until this point: pattern, cutting, sewing1, sewing2.

DSCF7261 (copy) last week I stopped with noticing that there is to much fabric under the bust, so I pinned it at my side seam

DSCF7262 (copy)see how the pinned side looks more fitted then the other?

DSCF7263 (copy)then I turned wrong side out and marked the folds of what I pinned

DSCF7264 (copy)when I opened it up it looked like this

DSCF7265 (copy)so I drew a curved line similar to my pins

DSCF7266 (copy)and copied that line to the other side as well

DSCF7267 (copy)then pinned that close to the seam

DSCF7268 (copy)and sewed on the old seam

DSCF7269 (copy)looks like this

DSCF7270 (copy)as you can see I sometimes did not sew right on the seam, but no one would be getting that close to me while wearing it, so I decided I can live with it 😉

DSCF7271 (copy) DSCF7272 (copy) DSCF7273 (copy) DSCF7274 (copy)my finished dress, ignore my sjoes I was just wearing them when I finished my dress, I know they do not fit that well 😛 Well I really like it, its fun, even though if I do it again, I might do it a size smaller so its a little tighter, what would look even better with the ruffles in the middle I think, but I still quite like it and its so comfy!

What do you think?

I really like the performance pique of spoonflower. If you like my fabric you can also get it printed on another fabric to fit your project here.

retro flowers

Do you have any questions about this project? Do not hesitate to ask!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


  1. Wow! That dress turned out great! I love the retro look and the sleeves are so great. Thanks for sharing your adjustment technique. I tend to cut things too large and am forever modifying so I’m always looking for new ways to get a better fit.

    • Thank you! Glad to hear my way to modify was helpful for you! The sleeves look great and are comfy until you need to cook 😉 then they are in your way. But I would not change them anyhow.

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